Back From Black: Gotham’s Cast on an Emotive, Hope-Fueled New Season

From an emotive, triumphant Jim Gordon to a humbled, yet undaunted Tabitha Galavan, Gotham’s new season is a passionate return to the heart of the city, and the complicated ruse of good-vs-evil that the series deftly exposes.

Previewed at the inaugural Tribeca TV Festival, Gotham’s new season builds on the series’ legacy of haunting, character-centric storylines to highlight the emotional intelligence of some of its most iconic characters, all the while forcing us to quickly unbundle our expectations from the viewing experience.

As the show enters its fourth year, said Executive Producer Danny Cannon, the main characters—now well-defined and battle-tested—are “richer because they’ve been given more room to breathe.” “Some shows build story before character,” said Cannon. “We look at character first, we can always find the story.”

This season finds the Gotham backing fan favorites into corners—often literally—from which they emerge irrevocably changed. Tabitha Galavan (Tigress), for example, weighs an unexpected alliance, which challenges her sense of self and her understanding of the rules of Gotham’s Great Game. “She doesn’t trust (certain characters),” said Jessica Lucas, who plays Galavan. “But she doesn’t have much of a choice. She’s smart enough to know that you need allies in Gotham.”


Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin), played by Robin Lord Taylor, will face his own demons, familiar and not, hindered by his own vanity and a nature which just won’t stop forcing him to relive his most tragic mistakes. “Penguin makes the mistake—and he makes this mistake often, that he underestimates his enemies.”

Even Jim Gordon, whose complex emotional history might seemed to have been played out, reveals new facets as the show goes deeper into the character’s darkest moments, forcing him to confront, or become, his demon. “It’s brilliant writing on Danny’s part that Jim prides himself on his “law and order” stance,” said Ben McKenzie who plays Gordon, “but then we show that there are a lot of bodies with Jim’s fingerprints all over them.”

Gotham is on Fox at 8/C. Watch highlights from the Tribeca TV Festival here. 






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